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Increase transparency and traceability

With traditional track-and-trace systems a thing of the past, ensuring real-time visibility into every step of a cargo’s journey—from origin to destination—is key to future success.

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A cargo in transit raises constant questions: Where’s my container? Will it arrive on time in the expected condition? Has it been tampered with? More often than not, there’s a notable absence of visibility into the movement and status of goods.

But tracing the exact whereabouts of a shipment of cargo requires transparency into supply chain data—insight not just into a container’s location and condition, but into potential disruptions as well, be that erratic weather conditions, industrial action or congestion at destination ports, or labor shortages at haulage companies.

By turning to software solutions rooted in data and automation, logistics firms are able to gain a consolidated picture of the information vital to the end-to-end supply chain. As a result, surprises can be addressed, arrival estimations updated, and—above all—business operations conducted seamlessly and efficiently.

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