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Expand micro-fulfilment service offerings

To meet escalating consumer demand and faster delivery speeds, retailers are increasingly turning to micro-fulfillment technology. It’s the future of e-commerce, and it’s transforming retail as we know it.

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Micro-fulfillment offerings are here to stay. Combining e-commerce and warehouse technology, these centers are increasingly being introduced in existing retail locations and fulfilling online orders within minutes.

But to succeed in today’s highly-competitive market, each micro-fulfillment center must be created with the unique business needs front and center. Customers are assessing their current and future requirements, and asking: Is micro-fulfillment right for my business? What kind of throughput can I deliver? How would it integrate with my existing software?

At Maersk, our micro-fulfillment solutions combine everything we know about warehousing, automation, data, software, and visibility. Drawing on our deep logistics know-how, our experience across industry verticals, and our expertise in innovative warehousing solutions, we’re helping our customers build bold micro-fulfillment offerings that deliver a seamless online experience.

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