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Origin story

At Maersk, we understand that opportunity comes from unlocking innovation. With digital transformation at the forefront of our approach, we’re working to generate cutting-edge end-to-end logistics solutions that not only deliver unmatched value to our customers, but that revolutionize the supply chain industry, too. But, to remain a true industry leader and drive growth at scale, we knew we had to be in the driver’s seat of facilitating that innovation.

To guide our pursuit of new solutions that reshape the logistics industry at large, we’ve built the Maersk Innovation Center. Designed to unlock collaboration across four key stakeholder groups in our ecosystem—academia, start-ups, our customers, and Maersk as a whole—the Innovation Center is an in-house team of experts across industries, sectors, and geographies that embraces new technologies, uncovers new ways of driving productivity, and develops new solutions that stand the test of time.

Powered by the knowledge of data scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, the Maersk Innovation Center is a hub of scientific insight needed to spearhead new initiatives and steer innovation in the right direction.


Our team


Join the Maersk Innovation Center and shape the future of the logistics industry

Our Innovation Center thrives on the expertise, insight, and breadth of our team. Representing a multitude of industries and sectors, our team of world-class individuals drives our efforts to uncover innovation and turn vision into impact.

In a career at the Maersk Innovation Center, you’ll place yourself at the forefront of innovation and play a vital role in shaping the next generation of logistics.

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