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Develop future-focused real-estate models

A strong supply chain relies on efficient warehousing solutions. But with logistics facilities in high demand, choosing the optimal space is not what it once was.

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Over recent years, the e-commerce boom has led to a surge in warehouse demand, and it’s here to stay. Fueled by increased consumption and demographic growth, retailers and wholesalers are under pressure to reach more consumers, while at the same time adding agility to their supply chains.

Selecting the right distribution center is critical to the operational and financial success of any company. But when it comes to location and design, there are a number of key factors to consider: Does your warehouse need to be within distance of the majority of your customers to meet same-day delivery obligations? Is the space flexible in order to respond to shifting consumer demands? Can it be strategically placed to lower emissions and transportation expenses?

At Maersk, we’re good at seeing the bigger picture. Thinking flexibility, innovatively, and collaboratively, we’re not shy about making bold recommendations to ensure your logistics property is well equipped to deal with the demands of tomorrow.

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