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Accelerate middle-mile transportation

An efficient middle mile is key to last-mile success. But reducing the many frictions that can slow a shipment from the factory to the distribution center is no easy feat.

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Logistics at the middle mile—where goods are shipped from the warehouse to the distribution center—are increasingly coming under the spotlight. Taking control of the middle mile requires real-time visibility of the movement of goods in transit, enabling deliveries to reach their final destination with minimum disruption and maximum control.

A successful middle mile uses technology to track vehicles, schedule deliveries, and determine the capabilities of the drivers and fulfillment centers. But if the technology isn’t seamlessly integrated into middle-mile operations, challenges can arise, from a lack of visibility into stock availability and location, to difficulties calculating margins on a granular level.

Getting the right technology into the warehouse is key to optimizing delivery routes, lowering costs, and—above all—laying the foundations for success at the last mile.

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