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Alleviate labor constraints

Persistent labor shortages are disrupting supply chains across the globe. Add surging consumer demand to the mix, and companies are grappling with unprecedented logistical challenges.

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A record number of people leaving the workforce over recent years has left companies struggling to fill vacancies. The logistics industry, in particular, is facing a growing shortage of workers across the board, from truck drivers and forklift operators to pickers and packers.

Today’s lack of manpower means that manual warehouse tasks—like sourcing, replenishing, and loading and unloading cartons—are taking longer than before. At the same time, demand for consumer goods is surging. Facing pressure from all directions, warehouses are experiencing shipping delays, higher costs, and lower productivity.

With labor shortages here to stay at every part of the supply chain, companies will need to look to new, cutting-edge solutions. Placing innovation and automation at the core of their approach will ensure they’re well placed to resiliently navigate today’s increasingly competitive and unpredictable landscape.

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