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Develop climate-neutral solutions

Nothing is more important than protecting the world in which we live, and we all have a part to play. That’s why we’re developing solutions that help our industry reduce its carbon footprint, while actively improving environmental ecosystems at the same time.

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The urgency of the climate crisis cannot be overstated. Taking action to decarbonize supply chains is needed now more than ever before, and requires an end-to-end approach to lowering emissions.

The logistics industry is facing pressure from all angles. From the bottom up, retailers and others are increasingly choosing supply chain partners with a compelling climate-action narrative. From the top down, company boards are pledging to get to net-zero emissions, putting pressure on supply chain directors to enact solutions.

With an innovative, science-based approach, the opportunities to drive progress are boundless: we can increase energy efficiency, we can introduce durable, recyclable materials, and we can utilize renewable energy sources like solar, electrical trucks, and fuel cells, to name just a few. At Maersk, we’re helping our customers not just lower their carbon footprint, but raise the bar on climate action while doing so.

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